Feminine aggressiveness (what has astrology taught me)!

Feminine aggressiveness! Well, that’s a term you probably never heard before. It might upset some of you a little bit. How can one characterize aggressive the energy that we all know as maternal, receptive and tender? And how can the feminine energy manifest itself in a “bad” and aggressive way (under certain circumstances)? And so “badly” and aggressively as the masculine one?


The “polarization effect” method is opening us some new horizons in the interpretation of the so called “polarized” charts! But first of all, what is a “polarized” chart? I will give you an example: if somebody has his/her Sun in Aries and simultaneously in his/her Seventh House (the Seventh House corresponds to the sign of Libra, the sign diametrically opposite to Aries in the zodiac cycle), then s/he has a “polarized” Sun! The Moon in Taurus in the Eight House is “polarized”. Mars in Gemini in the Ninth is “polarized” etc. If we encounter many “polarized” planets in a chart then we call that chart “polarized”…