The people dethroning their dictators: Jupiter – Uranus square Pluto

We have been witnessing recently some unique historical events! In a domino effect, one after the other the people of Northern Africa and Middle East are massively revolting against the oppressive regimes that were ruling their countries for entire decades, reaching to the point of even dethroning their ex omnipotent dictators! These are unique political events, of unprecendented proportions! What is the momentous astrological event that triggered them?

The first English astrologers were Greek – Byzantines (and oddly enough Saints)!

The story I am going to tell you is true, but it might very well have been just another Canterbury tale. It is a story that connects in strange ways England and Byzantium. It started in medieval England, in the year 667 CE. The city of Canterbury was then one of the most prominent Anglo – Saxon cities in Britain. Its people had been converted from pagans to Christians just 2 generations before (in 597 CE, by Saint Augustine).