The “polarization effect” method is opening us some new horizons in the interpretation of the so called “polarized” charts! But first of all, what is a “polarized” chart? I will give you an example: if somebody has his/her Sun in Aries and simultaneously in his/her Seventh House (the Seventh House corresponds to the sign of Libra, the sign diametrically opposite to Aries in the zodiac cycle), then s/he has a “polarized” Sun! The Moon in Taurus in the Eight House is “polarized”. Mars in Gemini in the Ninth is “polarized” etc. If we encounter many “polarized” planets in a chart then we call that chart “polarized”…

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto is in itself a very powerful planet (for us astrologers still remains a planet). It is actually a planet that affects strongly the masses, the “collective unconscious”, the economy, the global energy stocks. Moreover, he often triggers massive fatal events. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a pivotal zodiacal sign, as it stands at the top of the axis of the “Cardinal Cross” signs!