Astrological predictions for Greece (2012 and beyond) – under the siege of Eris!

Greece has never received such extreme astrological influences as the ones it is receiving now! What is causing this astrologically? Well, in the last 4 years Greece has been the “target” of a mysterious primordial planet (dwarf planet to the astronomers) that moves on the very edge of our solar system and which is called “Eris”! This planet is big enough – as big as Pluto – but it is so far away from us that we discovered it only in 2005.


As we know, not only the individuals but the countries too have a zodiacal sign. Everything born in a particular moment in time bears the quality of that moment. Thus, by knowing the date and time of birth of a country we can determine its natal chart – provided of course we can identify the country’s exact moment of birth! Because, contrary to a human being – the birth of which is evident to the people around it – the countries may have many and different kinds of “births”, some of which are not so evident. Take Greece for example. When was this ancient country really “born”? This turns to be a rather complicated issue!

The eternal inexistence of a Greek Astrological Association!

If “actions talk louder than words” then inactions should talk loud too! A single “inaction” is describing vividly the current situation of astrology in Greece: it is 2012 and we still don’t have a national Astrological Association (Federation, Union e.t.c.) in our country – which is actually considered the cradle of the modern horoscopic astrology! It has never been formed one, although astrology is extensively practiced in Greece at least for the last 40 years.