Thomas D. Gazis is an astrologer, writer and international speaker. He was born in Piraeus, Greece. After finishing college he moved to Italy in order to study Architecture at Turin’s University. He became a CIDA’s (Italian Federation’s) member and participated in many seminars and congresses in Italy while he attended international astrology conferences in Switzerland. In 1986 he completed his Diploma in Architecture and returned to Greece. He then became a regular contributor to Greek and international astrology magazines.

Thomas Gazis is the author of three Greek books entitled “Synastry, The Astrology of Human Relationships” and «The New 3rd Millennium’s Astrology” and “Byzantine Astrology” (under publishing). He has written articles for the Italian «Linguaggio Astrale» bulletin, for “American Astrology” (his article “The Living Zodiac” was published on the July 2003 issue) and for “Horoscope Guide” (his article “The Zodiac Banquet” was published on the April 2004 issue). He also wrote for “The Astrological Journal” (“The first English astrologers were Greek – Byzantines”, May 2009 issue) and for the “ISAR International Astrologer” (“The Astrological Chart of Alexander the Great”, v.36 2008)

In 1994 and 1997 he respectively lectured at the two International Astrology Conferences of Venice – Italy («Alexander’s the Great Horoscope» and «Byzantine Astrology»). Next, in 1996 and 1997 he lectured at the London’s History of Astrology Seminars («Early Byzantine Astrology», «Late Byzantine Astrology»). In 1997 and 1998 he lectured at two major Spanish astrology conferences (Barcelona – «For a Universe-centric astrology», Arousa – «Ancient Greek Proto-astrology»). In July 2002 he lectured at Montpellier’s, France south European (F.A.E.S.) conference («The latent synastric elements»). In 2006 he lectured at Valencia’s – Spain 4th FAES conference (“Byzantine Astrology: the Bridge between Antiquity and Renaissance”). In November 2007 he lectured at Valencia – Spain (“Psellos – Metochites: Two Byzantine Prime Ministers – Astrologers”) for the “Jornadas Mondiales de Astrologia” conference. In October 2008 he lectured at the Koen Van de moortel’s conference in Ghent, Belgium (“Astrological elements in ancient Greek folklore”). In October 2009 he lectured at the Colombian “Primer Congreso Astrologico Virtual” (Recepción Mutua Urano – Neptuno y La Reciente Declinación De La Astrología). In July 2010 he lectured at the “Adriatic Conference” in Termoli – Italy (“The Byzantine Astrology: A Noah’s ark”).

He was invited – as a speaker – to the prestigious United Astrology Conference (U.A.C) held in May 2012 in New Orleans, USA (“Byzantine astrology: bridging a thousand years gap”). He has lectured at the “Breaking down the borders” online conference that was held between November 30 – Dec 2, 2012 (“The Amazing Similarities and Discrepancies Between the Babylonian and the Mayan Venus”).

Thomas Gazis organized “Astromykonos 2000”, an international astrology conference in the island of Mykonos, Greece, featuring among other international speakers Robert Hand. He also organized “Astromykonos 2001” featuring Noel Tyl and Elizabeth Teissier. He is considered as one of the prime movers for the formation of the South European Astrology Federation (F.A.E.S.).

Thomas’ blog: http://science-astrology.blogspot.com/

Thomas Gazis
Ath. Diakou 11
15122 Marousi
Athens – Greece

Tel: (+30) 698-78.77.938

Email: astrologhia@yahoo.com

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