Our societies are getting ever weirder and deadlier! (Covid-19 &”Capricorn Climax”)

Our entire planet is living now some unprecedented and even nightmarish situations, with this deadly coronavirus pandemic that has stormed upon us! Most of us are experiencing situations that no human (except for the few aware epidemiologists and Astrologers) would ever expect to live! Especially in the western world, no generation before us has lived something like this (except of course the two world wars – which did not cause the collapse of societies in the Americas). And if we put aside the so-called “Spanish Flu” (which more or less coincided with World War I), the “movie” that is playing now before our very eyes has not been played for thousands of years (the 1347 CE “black death” had not affected, again, the American continent, Australia, etc.)!

Although humankind is technologically advanced by now, it has proved to be rather “flimsy” in front of the coronavirus threat – and so far unable to produce a drug that can neutralize it! The only countermeasure (prevention – not treatment) left to us is to stay indoors (as if we were doomed to “home restriction”)! If we kept congregating in public spaces, in crowded halls, stadiums, cafes, gyms, cinemas, public means of transport, etc. then we would be mourning an exponential number of victims!

Therefore, a simple, everyday move, like opening the door of our home in order to go somewhere, is now equivalent (especially if we are not in our first youth) to playing the “Russian roulette”(wondering each time “will I catch the coronavirus in the environment I am going to?”)! Our home’s door has been transformed into a vital “membrane”, as it holds out of our house the specter of death, which is wafting now across our societies, across the cities we live in!

The average individual is constantly moving between a “public” and a “private” realm. Actually, our “public” and “private” lives meet right on the central door of our home! Outside our door lies the bustling society, our work, our obligations, the “others”.Behind it lies the sacred “cradle” of our personal lives, the embrace and warmth of our family, the soothing smell of “home sweet home”! If we put this in astrological terms we could say that outside the door of our house are lying those situations that correspond to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, while inside that door the situations that correspond to the zodiac sign of Cancer! Having this knowledge, we can better understand now why we are experiencing such an abnormal and disturbing phenomenon!

In 2011 we experienced another crucial planetary shift: planet Neptune entered the sign of the Pisces, its natural “home”! In astrological literature, Neptune in Pisces is – in itself – a classic indication of epidemics or even pandemics! If we combine his energies with those of Pluto in Capricorn then the “scene” begins to get heavier (this very astrological combination was in force, as well, at the terrible Justinian plague of 541 CE)!

 Capricorn Climax

By the time we reached 2020, the momentous event of the “Capricorn Climax” – for which Astrologers (with capital A) had been preparing us for years – took hold! To understand the power of this phenomenon, think of it as having a “double-whammy” character! Which means that two events of a similar nature and power occurred simultaneously, mutually reinforcing each other: on one side Pluto is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and on the other side Saturn (the planet that rules the Capricorn) is now very close to Pluto, forming a powerful “conjunction” with him! The combination of these two “vibrationally” similar events eventually created an “overdrive” that released colossal energies! Some “dark” and “chthonic” energies of the “underworld” have been summoned upon our cities and societies!

This “pluto-capricornian” tsunami of energies has caused astrologically this unheard of and largely nightmarish situation that we are experiencing now. The deadly coronavirus penetrated and disrupted our societies, our governments and social structures collapsed loudly, the commerce and the economy knelt down, the majority of the people have been locked in their homes and are confined as if they were prisoners! All these “exotic” events are clearly linked to the epochal phenomenon of the “Capricorn Climax”, which is omnipotent nowadays!

And to explain this in more detail, Saturn’s presence in Capricorn speaks for itself of “difficulties”,  “deprivations” and “limitations”. If we put on the stage Pluto as well, then these deprivations and limitations acquire an extreme character – insofar as people’s psychology is undermined and pushed to the limits! We are seeing now in dismay, right in front of our eyes, the societies that we used to know collapsing and being radically altered (due to the “double-whammy” element I mentioned above)! And in this “mutually reinforced” hurricane, Mars’ presence in Capricorn caused additional panic and brought the army to the streets of our cities (as in Italy). At the same time, Jupiter in Capricorn disproportionally magnified all these phenomena!

As you know, coronavirus does not particularly harm young people. But it is extremely threatening for the elder ones, as most fatal cases occur to those ages. We could say that this is also the result of the “double-whammy” presence of the planet Pluto (whose one of its basic “keywords” is death) in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (traditionally associated with the so-called “third age”!). In addition, the current pandemic has forced us to focus on something that is extremely tiny but nevertheless omnipotent! An invisible enemy has infiltrated our societies and is shooting us from all over the places, with us being incapable of shooting back! Our fear thus becomes even greater! All this “scenery” is clearly linked (even to a “rookie” in astrology) to Pluto in Capricorn (and to the “accompanying” Saturn-Pluto conjunction, as well)!

Pluto, however, is not a “bad” planet (no astrological element is “bad”. Everything works for our evolution). But since Pluto is a powerful “collective” planet, the fate of the individuals is not of particular concern to him. He only cares about the survival and evolution of the humankind, on a “collective” level (and regardless of the eventual “collateral losses” – as our personal stories are quite indifferent to him)!

In this respect, Pluto may produce a major “cleansing” and “regeneration” of the humankind! In an extremely cruel and inhumane way, though! Ask yourself, what continent is the hardest hit right now by the coronavirus? It is not Asia, because there (especially in China) is somehow subsiding. Europe is the hardest hit, which has the most aging population on the planet! Do you understand what I mean? Coronavirus is deadly especially for the elderly or even for those younger people who have serious health problems! So in its own, very cruel and inhumane (“plutonian”) way the coronavirus is now producing (if we look at it under a different perspective) a “cleansing” and “invigoration” of the very population of the European continent!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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