Pluto in Capricorn disclosed to us the fact that the “King” is naked!

To some of you, this Frank Zappa’s saying might seem just the mumbling of a stoned rocker. In reality, though, it is a profound and insightful statement, brilliantly explaining in just a few words the very essence of modern politics!

You see, politics is so complicated! But everything becomes crystal clear if we apply this Zappa’s saying to it! Modern presidents are some sort of entertainers! Take Trump for example. Trump seems to be but the colorful host of the entertainment division of the all-mighty military-industrial complex! Apparently, his job is to amuse us, to distract us, so that big “industra” can easily make good money!

Presidents have always been this sort of “entertainers”! They were always serving the interests of the mighty parties but this didn’t show in the past, no citizen would believe that their President is a rather shady guy, which is serving the interests of the mighty parties at the expense of the people! But now, with Pluto in Capricorn, this is becoming ever more obvious! Everybody can see that the king is naked!

The reality is that the previous presidents were not worse than Trump. Bush senior and junior, Clinton, Obama, all of them officially endorsed the slaughtering of millions of innocent people in Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. so that big “industra” make good money! Some of them were even shadier than Trump! But none of them was daemonized to the extent Trump is!

You see, a new kind of consciousness is emerging now, in our era that is strongly reverberating to the Pluto in Capricorn tune! Everybody can see that the President is “naked” but they cannot figure out what exactly is wrong with him…They sense the incongruency, the “wrong vibes” coming out of the president but they think there is something wrong exclusively with him, that he might be a sociopath, a lunatic, behaving and acting the way he does!

To grasp what is really going on you need to hold on for a moment, pan out and realize that you were focusing so far on the host of the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex, missing the big picture! And that you were blaming the entertainment division host for the ills of the military-industrial complex!

Thomas D. Gazis

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