Join us for a spectacular immersion into the nature of two paradisiac Greek islands, while gaining wisdom from some excellent astrology seminars and workshops! Enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters, exploring the Homeric location of Nydri and surroundings, sailing excursions, fresh & delicious Greek food, relaxing on the beach, nightly star gazing and living with like-minded people under the fabulous “ULYSSES’ STARS!”


July 20th –  Arrival – Welcome – Accomodation

Thomas Gazis:  Astrology in Archaic Greece. Elementary course

July 21st  – Thomas Gazis:  “Awaken your “dormant” astrological knowledge”!

July 22nd – Thomas Gazis: hellenistic Astrology workshop

July 23rd – Maro Ioannidou: Evolutionary Astrology

July 24th – Glenn Perry: Psychological Astrology

July 25th – Glenn Perry: Psychological Astrology

July 26th – Glenn Perry: Psychological Astrology

Key Speaker: the world-renowned Psychotherapist – Astrologer Glenn Perry!

You may read further below the topics and the description of Thomas Gazis’ and Glenn Perry’s seminars:


Our retreat will take place in the small town of Nydri, located just 16 km south of the capital city “Lefkada”! The name “Nydri” may not tell you much but some of the most intriguing moments of the global elites during the 20th century were hosted right across this small town, on the islet of “Skorpios” (Greek tycoon Onassis and Jackie Kennedy used to live there)!

In Nydri, our astrological retreat will be nestled at the wonderful Niriton pension, a pension that is characterized by a warm, family kind of atmosphere!

The “Niriton” pension
A “Niriton” balcony view
A typical “Niriton” room


The retreat’s tuition fees amount to 280 euros. There are two payment methods: you may either pay with your credit card or you may deposit the sum of the tuition fees to the retreat’s ΙΒΑΝ account.

You can pay with any recognized credit card. You will then receive an invoice from The Academy of AstroPsychology, for the cost of registration. The invoice will be adjusted per the conversion rate of dollars into Euros. Roughly, 280 Euros equals 320 dollars, so you will be charged 320 dollars for the retreat’s full tuition fees.

If you wish to pay with your credit card please send first an Email with your name and surname and the phrase “REGISTER” at:

You may also pay the tuition fees by a direct bank transfer to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN):

GR10 0172 0130 0050 1301 0119 912

After making the payment please send us an email with you name, surname and the phrase “BANK TRANSFER” at:


We have achieved an amazingly low price (for a high season) at the “Niriton” pension: 25 euros per person, per day (30 euros if you opt for a full breakfast). All rooms are double occupancy, so if you wish to reserve a room for you, in that case, you should pay 50 euros per day (55 euros breakfast included).

We have contacted one of the best restaurants at Nydri and they will make us a special price on their Greek cuisine meals – fresh fish included! Each meal will cost us on average 15 euros or less!


  • Lefkada has some of the most beautiful beaches worldwide! “Porto Katsiki” for example has been repeatedly awarded as one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide! But there are still tens of beautiful beaches at Lefkada, which do not fall short of the ultra-famous “Porto Katsiki”! Egremnoi, Kathisma, Aghios Nikitas, Kalamitsi, Agiofili, Desimi and many more are all amazing beaches! And they all are accessible from Nydri, either by car or by boat! Plus, a few kilometers from Nydri you may visit the famous “Dimosari” waterfall! You may purchase the relative tickets on the spot (for more info please contact Thomas Gazis )!
  • The  “Under the Ulysses’ stars!” Greek banquet, on the final night of the retreat! Exquisite Greek food, a lot of ouzo and “bouzouki” dance!†††††
Lefkada has some of the most beautiful (and famous) beaches worldwide!
The Desimi sea caves, near Nydri!
The Dimosari waterfall, near Nydri


“Astrological traces in archaic Greece”

Was there astrology in Greece, at the time of Ulysses? What kind of astrology was it, indigenous or transported from the Middle East? Τhe archaic Greeks –  the Minoans and the Mycenaeans in particular – had intense commercial and cultural exchanges with the Middle East! Was then astrology imported in Greece from some Syrian port like the famous Ugarit? Or was it actually the mysterious, neighboring to Greece Hittite civilization the one that transferred astrology to the land of Mycenaens?

“Awaken your dormant astrological knowledge”!

Socrates and Plato maintained that we human beings harbor within us a “primordial” super knowledge “of all things”, albeit in a rather “lethargic “, “dormant” state! So, in reality the only thing we need to do, in order to obtain advanced knowledge of anything, is to somehow “focus” inwards and “awaken” in our brains the relative “dormant” knowledge that we already possess!”

The Almighty Polarities!

The most important things in life are often the simplest ones! And since astrology is important, it is actually very simple! You don’t have to think much about it in order to understand its basic principles. You already have them in your mind and in your heart: the eternal cycle of life, the complementary opposites (man – woman, young – old, light – darkness, joy – sadness, pleasure – pain, a unity – a whole) and the incessant interactions taking place among them.

The zodiacal pairs of Aries – Taurus and Gemini – Cancer!

It is important for every person and situation in the Universe to be distinct, unique, self-sufficient, resilient and overall stable. If people did not have a powerful “Ego” then they would be dismantled by the multiple external pressures that they are constantly receiving. The process of strengthening and stabilizing the “Ego” has been undertaken in the zodiac by the signs of Aries and Taurus, in “tandem”.

Furthermore, it is essential for a human to reason on the various experiences s/he encounters in life, to somehow “incorporate” them. Every human must be “interconnected” as well with the omnipotent environment that it is surrounding him/her. These stages are undertaken by the signs of Gemini and Cancer, in “tandem”.

The zodiacal pairs of Leo – Virgo and Libra – Scorpio!

Leo represents the stage in which man/woman begins to reach his individual “perfection”! This regal sign bestows to humans a strong personality and self-esteem! It minimizes insecurities and makes the individuals “creative”, as if they were small gods! But humans are mortals after all and this they must be constantly reminded by the very next sign, Virgo. Virgo is continuing the process of perfecting the individual (in a feminine phase) by making fully aware to it its many shortcomings and defects.

Thus, the individual, once interconnected with its environment and perfected as a “distinct unit”, is consequently passing onto a completely new evolutionary stage, the one of the “coming together” and “uniting” with the “unknown other”. Libra represents the masculine phase of this “unification process” and Scorpio the feminine one.

The zodiacal pairs of Sagittarius – Capricorn and Aquarius – Pisces

The previous stage, the “unification” of two “distinct units”, of two individuals, is morphing here into a superior unification stage, on a much broader level: into the full “socialization” of the individual. This stage is represented by the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.  Sagittarius is undertaking the masculine phase of socialization and Capricorn the feminine one.

Finally, with the signs of Aquarius and Pisces we go beyond the simple “socialization” of the individual, moving onto the rather transcendental stage of the “universalization” of the human being!

Hellenistic Astrology Workshop!

Hellenistic Astrology has unexpectedly (but not unreasonably) become in fashion worldwide, in the last few years! Get the basics of Hellenistic Astrology (Day & Night chart, Sect, Predominator, Domicile Master, Lord of the Nativity etc.) by attending this 5 hours workshop with Thomas Gazis

Thomas Gazis has authored two Greek astrology books and written articles for “American Astrology” (“The Living Zodiac”, July 2003 issue), for “Horoscope Guide” (“The Zodiac Banquet”, April 2004), for “The Astrological Journal” and for the ISAR’s “International Astrologer” bulletin. He has lectured in many European International conferences and has been invited as a lecturer at the UAC 2012, in New Orleans. He has taught hundreds of students and has been an instructor at the American “International Academy of Astrology”. He has organized two international astrological conferences in Greece, featuring Robert Hand and Noel Tyl.


Wednesday July 24th

The Zodiac and the Growth Process: Twelve Steps to Enlightenment

The zodiac not only symbolizes the structure and dynamics of the human psyche, but also models the evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness across the lifespan (ontogeny) and through distinct historical periods (phylogeny). Signs can be understood as archetypal needs and developmental stages that entail distinct time-space perspectives. Each sign’s unique behavioral attributes derive from its developmental task and its orientation in time and space.

Diachronicity and the Developmental Age Method

Diachronicity entails a meaningful coincidence between events from different life stages that are expressions of the same planetary aspect. If houses represent maturational stages of specific duration, and planets in houses signal when that planetary process will be most acute, then aspects show connections between planetary age points. Learn how traumatic experiences from an earlier developmental stage are recreated at a later stage in order to be solved by virtue of the higher-level, later-stage perspective.

Thursday July 25th:

How Dispositors Reveal Our Personal Groundhog Day

Our astrological chart constitutes a life script, the plot of which we enact over and over in our daily lives. Every life story is capable of being lived on successively higher levels of integration, just as in the film Groundhog Day. In this lecture, we’ll explore how planetary dispositors expose the skeletal structure of one’s personal myth, and how corollary events provide a vehicle and catalyst for an integrative process.

Frozen Words: Breaking the Power of the Curse

As if cursed, clients are often stuck in taxing predicaments with problematic others. Hidden within these relationships are remnants of an original wound that is repeating. Astrology reveals the pattern that repeats while elucidating the purpose of the current issue: saying now what needed to be said then. Like magic, the right words can break the curse and release one from the compulsion to repeat.

Friday July 26th:

Neptune and the Imaginary Crime

Neptune is associated with the urge for transcendence and with compassion for the less fortunate. These same urges, however, can degenerate into acts of self-sabotage when individuals unknowingly harbor false beliefs that they are responsible for the suffering of others. The insidious nature of unconscious guilt can weaken and undermine the function of any planet that Neptune contacts. Learn how to discover and resolve these false beliefs.

Present Centered, Purpose Focused Prediction

Using case histories, we’ll explore the importance of the present in astrological prediction. If the Universe is a blind, clockwork mechanism causing events for no particular purpose, then prediction enables clients to exploit foreknowledge to egoic advantage. If, however, the Universe is an intelligent, organic process intentionally orchestrating events to facilitate the soul’s evolution back to source, this has profound implications for how and what we predict. The question then becomes not what is going to happen, but what is it happening for?

Glenn Perry, Ph.D. is a licensed psy­chothera­pist and professional astrologer in East Hampton, Connecticut (USA). He serves as program director and lead faculty at the Academy of AstroPsychology, an online school that offers courses and training in psychological astrology. Dr. Perry has written nine books, including An Introduction to AstroPsychology, and lectures internationally on the application of astrology to the fields of counseling and consciousness. Contact:

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