Uranus in Aries has gone away…and with it the “Better Me” virtual self?

Just a couple of hours ago planet Uranus left the sign of Aries and entered Taurus (definitely this time)! We all know that when we come down to Uranus we should expect the “unexpected”! Thus, it’s not easy to predict the situations and events it will bring about on a collective level, during its seven years stay in Taurus.

It’s far easier to study Uranus’ effects in hindsight. And I personally think that one of the “themes” that Uranus brought about, during its stay in Aries (from 2010/11 on), was the “BETTER ME VIRTUAL SELF”!

Take Facebook for example. It is full of “Fake accounts” (hundreds of millions)! Full of fake ID’s, fake avatar photoes etc. The same goes for the other Internet social media. I always considered this an interesting subject. Why do people need to create fake accounts? Is it because they want to con their fellow humans? Or is there another need, lurking behind this massive phenomenon?

Undoubtedly there are many fake accounts out there, created by rather malicious people with the sole purpose to conceal their true identity and con (in any possible way) their fellow humans.  But most of the hundreds of millions of the fake accounts were created for a totally different reason, a reason perfectly mirroring the energy of Uranus in Aries!

You see, for the first time ever in the history of humanity, people had the chance to create on Internet a better virtual version of themselves!  A “Virtual Self” that would be prettier, taller, thinner, richer, younger (if the user was elder), a grown up (if the user was an adolescent) etc. And we are talking here about hundreds of millions of rather genuine people, who created a fake account with no malicious intent to con their fellow humans. Of plain people who just took advantage of the never experienced before, fascinating possibilities the internet was opening up to them!

The core desire of these people was simply to experiment, to become a kind of “glamorous Cybernauts” and see then how it feels to get into a virtual social environment and interact anew with the people around them – presenting them an “enhanced” version of themselves! 

Some may see this as a scam. But if we change our point of view we realize that this might be a liberating experience for many! Remember, Uranus is an ultra liberating planet! And actually, that was one of the jobs of Uranus in Aries: to liberate us from our usual, somehow burdening, imperfect Selves, so that we become “lighter” and then unhinderedly interact with our fellow humans as pure MINDS (without the usual drawbacks and inhibitions that our “physical Self” is imposing on us)!

Of course, Uranus in Taurus will scrutinize all this and consequently many fake accounts will be removed! And then many people will loose the thrill of cybernauting with their “Better Selves” the various virtual social environments. You see, Taurus brings things “down to earth” and makes them specific, tangible and somehow “heavy”! More “secure” though…

Thomas Gazis

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