War of Titans: the historical Uranus – Pluto “square”!

(“Prometheus brings Fire to Mankind” – Heinrich Fueger)

The war of the Titans is not taking place just in some Greek mythology books. We are actually witnessing such a Titanomachy above our heads, as planet Uranus is forming a (multi-annual) harsh square aspect with planet Pluto! Under the two battling Titans we stand as feeble spectators and fatal receivers of the tidal cosmic waves they produce.

The implications of this  Uranus – Pluto square are enormous! They extend far beyond our current 2010’s decade (which astrologically will be remembered as the “Uranus – Pluto square decade”) and they will keep reverberating for whole generations to come! So it is very important to comprehend what this battle is all about and what the two Titans are holding in store for us humans beings!

The two opponents

Every time I want to get deep into the astrological archetypes I am resorting to Greek mythology. It never lets me down and is ever more enhancing my awareness of the archetypes – not to mention that is impressively enriching my astrological interpretations! Strictly speaking, Pluto is not in mythology a Titan but an Olympian god (although a grimly one, being the god of underworld). Neither Uranus (Ouranos in Greek, meaning “sky”) was a Titan, but one of the primal “elements – Gods” out of which our earthy dimensions were created. But apart the fact that Ouranos is “the sky”, this primal deity shares very few attributes with planet Uranus. There is though an authentic Titan who shares a plethora of attributes with planet Uranus (and with the sign of Aquarius), PROMETHEUS!

First of all Prometheus is a Titan. The Titans actually were the “second generation” primal deities. Meaning that they were less primal and “archetypal” than their parents and more partaking in our earthy dimensions (more muscular, vigorous and “titanic” in appearance)! Prometheus (his name means “foresight” in Greek) was considered the wisest of the Titans! He could foretell the furure (how appropriate to an Uranian – Aquarian entity). Prometheus somehow befriended the Father of the Olympian Gods Zeus (Jupiter) by whom he was consequently given the task to create – with his rather foolish brother Epimetheus – living creatures on Earth! Hastily Epimetheus commenced creating animals, giving them all kinds of “survival traits” (fangs, claws, armour, feathers to fly etc.). But when he arrived to the creature destined to become the human being he realised he was left out of survival traits. With no “weaponry” at all, this delicate being was doomed! Fortunately Prometheus – who obviously had a weakness for this creature – intervened! He modeled the humans after the Gods and endowed them with the ultimate gift: reason!

Zeus was outraged by this Prometheus action! To compensate, he unleashed upon mankind all kinds of suffering. Humans were left in a dark, cold misery. But again Prometheus came as their rescuer! He stole the fire from the Gods and brought it to the humans, delivering them warmth, “light” and energy. This time Zeus punished Prometheus severely (he bound him to a stake on Mount Caucasus, where an eagle was coming each day to feed upon his ever regenerating liver)!

What is this myth telling us? How crazy in love is Prometheus – Uranus with the human kind! What a superb humanist he is! He doesn’t want us humans to be animal-like, deprived of reason and of the divine “goodies”. Actually, Prometheus’ biggest secret is that he created us upon his own image, that we somehow partake of him! He considers us almost his equals, a sort of brothers. That is why he is so devoted to us humans, that is why he is ever striving to liberate us from our animal descent, to lift us from the “gutter” and enlighten us!

Pluto on the other hand is not that much of a friend to us. He is rather a friend of the “human kind” (in its entirety). And he somehow is a “Spartan”! He wants humans to be strong and crafty, to have a good DNA, so that the human species endures all kind of adversities and survives. He does not love at all the weak, fragile, disabled, gullible individuals (he’d rather have them exterminated as he considers them a peril to the survival of the human race)!

As the god of underworld (the “Hades” in Greek mythology) Pluto is a friend of our souls – meaning of the most “undifferentiated” and collective part of ourselves. Thus, it is not in his interest to know how we behaved during our lifetime, how much “animal-like” or idiotic we have been – as long as we deliver him a soul the moment we die. So actually he is a friend of ours from our death on but not during our lifetime! Pluto is uninterested in single humans, in their individual stories, sorrows, traits, level of awareness etc. (that’s Uranus bussiness). To him people are important only in the masses, when they act as a sort of “mob”, as an homogenized portion of the “human race”! He may turn utterly cruel to seperate individuals.

You may have realized now why Pluto is thriving during major wars, disasters, epidemics etc.! His kingdom is flooded then with human souls. Plus in such circumstances the weaker individuals, those who bear a bad DNA etc. are massively extincted and this means that the human race as a whole is ever more “cleansed” and strenghtened – through a process known as “the survival of the fittest”! No need to guess that Pluto adores the “cleansing” processes in general (and that the fascist regimes adore Pluto)!

Pluto is related to money, to a lot of them! The name Pluto (Πλούτων) sounds like “ploutos” (πλούτος) in Greek, a word that means “richness” (“plutocracy” stems out of the Greek word “ploutos” and plutocracy indeed is ruled by this remote planet)! Pluto is constantly gaining colossal amounts of money, as he is ever usurping the fortunes of the weaker and of the deceased people.

The match!

The two planets are actually forming a harsh square aspect between them. Such an aspect is VERY difficult on its own. But in this case there are some other factors that exacerbate further the hardness of the specific square:

1) First of all, both the signs these two Titans are in (Aries – Capricorn) are “Cardinal”. By their nature, they are very impulsive signs and they tend to start things with a great impetus. This means that since Uranus and Pluto are on a collision course here – in a discordant aspect – their crash is going to be trully defeaning!

2) As if this “cardinal” dominance wasn’t enough, Uranus is located in Aries, in the sign ruled by the bellicose planet Mars! Pluto on the other hand is in Capricorn, in the sign where Mars – the god of war – is “exalted”! Too much Mars is involved here and this denotes an extremely violent “crash” of some kind!

3) Uranus – in its circular motion in the zodiac – is currently forming a waxing “first quarter phase” aspect in respect to Pluto (think of the Moon forming a first quarter phase in respect to the Sun). A waxing phase unleashes tremendous energies.

4) The “polarization factor”. Uranus (being a masculine planet) is in a masculine sign (Aries) while Pluto (being a feminine planet) is in a feminine sign (Capricorn). Too much “polarization” occurs here and polarizations often lead to dramatic outcomes!

There is still another crucial fact: Pluto in the last few years has climbed up to the very “Zenith of the World” – which in the zodiac is represented by the sign of Capricorn (you may read my article explaining this concept here )! Any “social – collective” planet standing on the “Zenith of the World” dictates the “spirit” that will prevail in humanity during its stay there! And since Pluto is the most “elevated” planet now – and it will remain such at least untill 2018, when he will be momentarily supplanted by Saturn – it is Pluto’s spirit that currently rules the entire world. As we said before, Pluto is a dark, underground, ruthless, highly transformative planet that loves the strong and crafty individuals and favours plutocracy (while he disdains the weak and the poor). Don’t we perceive his dark spirit all around us now?

With the dark and “diabolic” Pluto sitting currently on the “Word’s Zenith” our governments seem more “dark” and sinister than ever (a government is ruled astrologically by the sign of Capricorn)! They are apparently getting ever more corrupted and irrational, reaching to the point of even conspiring against us (supposedly they are spraying us with chemtrails, they are massively administering us vaccines containing harmful to us toxic ingredients etc.). And this situation will definitely aggravate by the end of  2012, when Saturn will move into the sign of Scorpio and will start forming a “mutual reception” with Pluto in Capricorn!

And it’s not just Pluto in Capricorn the culprit of the “Middle Ages” mini-era we are entering in. We should blame the Pluto – Uranus square too. Because of this square aspect Pluto is fiercely combating Uranus, hurling him often to the ground and neutralizing thus his “promethean”, humanitarian, awaking energies – to such an extent that these energies seem at times totally lacking from our world! But Uranus/Prometheus is a tough god too, he regains consciousness, stands up on his feet and fights back Pluto (through the street protests the weaker people organize). Who is going to win?

Thomas Gazis

(To be continued)

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