The “Polarization Effect” in Psychological Astrology

The “Polarization Effect” is a particular pattern in the chart that although is crucial it goes largely unnoticed by the astrologers. I have been studying this pattern for many years, in my consultations and Psychological Astrology courses. Actually, I had published this article 3 years ago but lately some new evidence came to my hands so I think it worths re-publishing it.

It all started some 20 years ago, with a client I was about to receive. All his personal planets were forming a stellium in Leo and his Moon was in Aries, so I was anticipating a person with a brilliant, strong, self asserting personality. When the door bell rang, I was expecting to see a sort of “Alexander the Great” stepping into my office! And in fact he had the “Al Pacino” type of face (“macho”, with “angles” on it). To my utter amazement though I realized, as the consultation was going on, that he was rather insecure and fragile! He was receiving back then some hard planetary aspects alright, but by no means were these aspects that disruptive to justify his actual state.

His case puzzled me profoundly and when he left I immediately started analyzing his chart again, trying to figure out where I was wrong, as the reality of my coustomer – the way I experienced it of course – was not matching his chart. When it suddenly hit me! All his Leo planets were in his Eleventh House and his Aries Lunar energy in his Seventh House! His strong Leonian energies were struggling to cope with the absolutely opposite Aquarian – Eleventh House ones (and his Aries energies the ones of his Seventh House). His everyday reality (dictated mostly by the planetary energies residing in his Houses) was constantlly contrasting the Cosmic archetypes embedded in him (since such archetypes are dictated to us humans by the unique arrangement of our planets within the 12 signs of our chart. A strong “Houses vs Signs” controversy rises here)! Thus, a huge amount of the abundant fiery energies of this man was destined to be consumed and “dissipated”, as this person was constantly struggling to bridge in himself two different and largely colliding worlds!

You may read the whole article here

Thomas Gazis

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