Scorpio’s (death’s / sex) “quantistic” nature!

Scorpio is a mysterious sign, representing certain “oddities” and situations that apparently do not seem to be compatible with life itself. And as we will see here, it bears in its nature a somehow “quantistic” dimension!

To make you realize what I mean, just take a look at the painting above. It is made by a Scorpio painter, the Belgian Rene Magritte. It is a rather bizarre image…It shows a woman riding a horse in a forest. But it is not a “realistic” image, because the woman and the horse are crossing the trees in a rather “quantistic” manner…They themselves are “split” and they are crossing the trees on several planes…

I don’t know whether Magritte had studied quantum physics or not, but this painting of his is a very good metaphor for what happens in the microcosm (on the sub-atomic level). The particles there are apparently “splitting” and crossing simultaneously different dimensions and planes…Scorpios – being “tiny” and representing the paradoxical nature and the power of the tiny and invisible things (i.e. of the subatomic, of radioactivity etc.) – are instinctively aware of this quantistic dimension of nature…

So, we might say that the sign of Scorpio represents certain “quantistic” fields of our lives. Take death for example. If you go downtown in the city you live and you walk among the generally careless crowd you will realize that death – although a powerful human phenomenon – seems to be totally absent in such a social context (unless some tragic event has occurred). And yet, just a few meters from where you are walking people might be dying in the private settings of some house, clinic etc.

Sex is  another “quantistic” activity associated with Scorpio. When we walk downtown or we find ourselves in some specific social (professional etc.) context then we realize that sex – although omnipotently dominating the human nature – is actually absent there. Every person around us is dressed and behaves “decently”, avoiding any acute reference on this subject, which all in all still remains a taboo. And yet most of these seemingly “unscathed” from sex men and women – whom we see standing strict, proud and dignified in the everyday social contexts – they are having sex like frenzied steaming engines, once they find themselves with their usual or casual partner (or partners) in the privacy of an apartment, a hotel etc. This is what I call a “scorpionic quantum paradox” …

It is not so hard to understand why death is a “quantistic” phenomenon in our lives. Meaning that it exists alright but at the same time “it doesn’t exist”! Obviously, this “quantistic” dimension of death is somehow convenient and comforting to us humans. Eschewing death as some procedure that has nothing to do with us right now but constantly postponing it to some fuzzy and remote place and time in the future, certainly out of the reality plane we are living right now, that’s an extremely convenient thing to the phenomenon of life! Otherwise, the ominous overwhelming heaviness of death would be constantly crushing us, every single day and moment, not permitting us to live, to feel good, to do things.

Alright so far. But why is sex “quantistic”? Because it actually is our ultimate resort against death! Through sex we become ONE with our partner, we experience the ONENESS of everything, of the entire Universe and we thus overcome the fragile destiny of the mortal individuality we are “entrapped” in! Not to mention that it is through sex that we somehow “multiply” and immortalize ourselves, that we propagate our species. And the undeniable fact is that the “quantistic” dimension of sex, its “social hypocrisy” and “dirtiness” adds a lot of fascination and power to it, it makes sex far more important and special to us!

Just picture what would happen if there was no “quantistic” dimension to sex and various passerby’s were freely falling upon you the very moment you were getting our of your house – or walking on the street –  in order to have sex with you right on the spot! Wouldn’t that be – as soon as the initial “bacchic libertinity” phase would tear off – a nightmare? Wouldn’t that weaken sex? And the fact is that we human beings need sex to be unique, “dirty”, fascinating and powerful, because ultimately we need a powerful antidote to death!

Thomas Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis

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