Neptune in Pisces – Our World turns Fabulous!

A new kind of cosmic energy has been released upon us just a few hours ago, as planet Neptune entered Pisces! This is a momentous event because the sign of Pisces is the natural “domicile” of Neptune, meaning that in this sign Neptune finds a very fertile “soil”, it feels totally unhindered and stimulated and expresses its full potential!

It takes roughly 165 years for Neptune to run through the 12 signs of the zodiac. So, the previous time the same event occurred (Neptune entered Pisces) the calendars were showing the year 1847! None of us was alive then so that s/he can tell the tale. And not only us but probably neither our great-great-grandfathers were alive back then. So, this Neptune in Pisces energy is totally new to our world. What I mean is that even Uranus’ cycles are more familiar to us, as this planet runs through the whole zodiac in 84 years, almost in a three generations time span. So, probably we were not alive back in 1927 – the previous time Uranus had entered Aries – but a grandfather of ours might have narrated us the “spirit” of that period. But nobody has first-hand narrated us the Neptune in Pisces feeling. It is a distant and somehow alien feeling to us and we have to experience it “ex novo”.

Actually, a vivid testimony of this Neptunian feeling we may find in the great novels written by two of the world’s most illustrious authors: Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo. Dicken’s “A tale of two cities” and Hugo’s masterpiece “Les Miserables” were written mostly under the spell of the previous sojourn of Neptune in Pisces!

Neptune represents some very subtle, very “esoteric” situations, situations that almost make no sense in the tangible, down to Earth dimensions. It is one of the three “soul planets” (the other two being Moon and Pluto), so the “Soul” is its main domain. And since this mysterious planet is considered the higher “octave” of Venus,  Union is another of its concerns. But not the simple and often vulgar kind of union between a man and a woman. Neptune’s “Union” is much more profound, wide and subtle.

To give you an example, it is the mystic kind of “Union” that the spectators of a very touching movie experience the very moment they exit the theatre and “conspiratorially” look at each other! In spite of our differentiated appearances our souls actually know it – in their immense innate wisdom – that we are One, thus they ever crave for such a kind of “mystic Union” experiences. Unfortunately in our Era we are dictated to become ever more consumistic and individualistic, to follow a lifestyle that offers us very few “mystic union” situations. But as our souls cannot be “dictated” by anyone, they are constantly longing for such situations – and this results to many people resorting to the one and only (actually artificial) “mystic Union” remedy which our lifestyle promotes: drugs!

But why is this Neptunian “mystic Union” sensation so important after all? Because it lies at the very core of the Universal Love! If Uranus urges us to love our fellow humans as our brothers then Neptune urges us to love them as very parts of our-selves! And nobody can truly Love his/her fellow human unless s/he experiences first this sort of mystic Union with him/her! We are talking about “Universal Love” here and about “Empathy” and “Compassion” – which is composed too out of this “mystic union” awareness.

You see, deep in the nucleus of our brains we harbour a wild animal, an animal eager to attack the people around us and even harm them! And if we don’t harm the other people, if we don’t become insensitive to their suffering and exceedingly mean or evil to them it’s not that much out of some code of ethics but rather out of this mysterious “empathy” sensation that we experience inside us for our fellow humans. Seeing other people suffering paradoxically causes distress in (most of) us, as if we were invisibly “connected” to those people and – to a cerain extent – as if us ourselves were experiencing their own suffering. Astrologically, this universal empathy stems out of the planet Neptune (and partially out of the Moon). Empathy is a quintessential element to our societies, an element that makes us human – and our societies civilized instead of jungly. So, now that Neptune enters Pisces the level of empathy among people will be considerably risen. At the same time though, certain antithetical to empathy elements will become more prominent now – Neptune and Pisces are masters of duality – such as insensitivity, cruelty, injustice, contempt. A sorrowful – and somehow lethargic – sensation will prevail in us and a generalized and undefined desire for redemption will take us over – ever urging us to seek any kind of “redemptive experiences” (as in charitable activities, into paths of religious expiation etc.) …

All in all, with Neptune in Pisces we humans will become more “United”, we will start loving more profoundly our fellow humans. But since Neptune in Pisces will somehow “de-materialize” our world (bringing to us humans a sort of disillusion for the material goods and the “secular” life in general – and eventually massive shortages of goods as well), I have the suspicion that a huge wave of poverty will spread across our planet in the next 15 years (till 2026, when Neptune will leave Pisces). And under poverty people indeed unite their souls more willingly.

By being though too much “united”, “too close to each other” we run another Neptunian risk: the God of the oceans in the sign of Pisces might trigger in the next 15 years major epidemics world-wide! In any case new institutions and charities will be established in order to help the sick and weary. The watery element will become ever more prominent now, either through torrential rains, inundations, tsunami’s or out of the mortal lack of it! A sensational discovery might be made at the depths of the sea. In addition, we might discover now some new “magic” properties of the plain water.

With Neptune in Pisces life will somehow take a Fairy-tale flavor, as we will start perceiving now certain new, “fabulous” dimensions of it! A new kind of “inebriating” (and confusing to some extent) energies will be released upon humanity! At times we will be feeling like we are slightly drunk or like being in a sort of “limbo”, like living in a vivid dream. Archetypal figures like the “Cinderella”, the “villain”, the “brave lad”, the “mermaid” will start popping out in our everyday lives, creating in us a paradoxical feeling – as if we were parts of some Fairy-tale! We will attune to more sensitive frequencies and our emotions will be easily triggered, making us cry or lough more frequently. Traits like melancholy, sorrow, victimisation, martyrdom will become prominent and even fashionable in our societies.

Romantic Love will take its revenge now. The “what is your name again?” over-sexed previous era will become somehow “passe”! Improbable as it seems, some people might even start singing serenades under their beloved person’s balcony, like in the old times.

The crucial “membrane” separating our limited “reality” from the “Invisible” and the vast Cosmos will become much thinner now and all sorts of weird concepts, energies, even “entities” will penetrate our world. Angels, “angelic therapies”, “psychic sessions”, rituals to communicate with the “other dimensions” will become extremely fashionable. Escapism too. Some new and very fascinating visual means and arts (mostly of the popular kind)  will be invented.

The spirit of the (expired by now, in my opinion) Pisces Era will be somehow revived in the next 15 years! To make you realize what I mean, just take a look at the sculptures below. They are some of the last classical statues ever made and they belong to two distinguished Byzantium citizens. They were made sometime in the 5th century CE., – just at the time Christianity was becoming the dominant religion in Europe and the spirit of the Piscean Era was spreading all over Earth.

Actually, I have snapshot these images from the the John Romer’s excellent documentary “Byzantium: the lost empire”. So, while Romer is describing (in the text below) the new, different style of these statues he is at the same time describing certain attributes of the new spirit that Neptune in Pisces is about to unleash all over humanity!

“At first glance, you might think these statues are just part of those usual old classical things hanging around museums, struttening up their stuff… But they are not like that at all! They are new, different. Something else is going on here… These people are pensive, sad and rather wise. Each man stands inside his own mysterious inner space that each one of us must occupy. And from that space they look outwards, from the Soul towards the Heavens…”

Thomas Gazis

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