Money vs “money energy” – an astrological explanation of the crisis

Has ever occurred to you – under the stress of the titanic financial crisis we are actually facing – the thought that at some point we might be left without money (for all kinds of reasons, out of a bank failure for example)? The thought that money might dry up in society, ending in the pockets and safes of those privileged ultra-rich (who are making now enormous profits out of this crisis)? It feels like a nightmare! How are we going to feed ourselves and our family, how are we going to survive if money disappears?

Well, first of all we should ask ourselves: is money that important to us or are there some other things far more important and valuable than money itself (I am not referring here to concepts like health)? And ultimately, what is “money”? Because definitely it is not what most of us think it is! Many of you will be surprised to find out that the true “money” is invisible!

Money is ruled in astrology by the signs of Taurus and Scorpio! These two signs represent (each in his own way) the survival instict and have to do with the most basic and fundamental needs of us human beings. No wonder then that money touches some very particular cords in us. It has to do with our sense of security and stability, with our sense of personal “power” and self-esteem and with certain deep and intense psychological processes within our souls. Taurus’ money is supposed to be the one we earn out of our job and we have in our pockets, bank accounts, safes. Scorpio’s money is – to put it simply – the “other peoples’ money”! It comes to us through third sources (marriage, inheritances, loans, gambling, stock market etc.). But there is more to it…

First of all we have to define what “money” actually is. Money should be something precious, because it can buy us any vital, useful and precious thing we want. Thus, it should have an inherent VALUE in it. In astrology the concept of VALUE is represented by the sign of Taurus. Here we are then! Money is a Taurus thing, it has a “Taurus nature” in it. Well, at least partially, because the nature of money is more intricate than that.

If your idea of money is the currency, the paper banknotes we usually carry in our pockets, then you should indeed worry that some day money might dry up and disappear! The corporations, the ultra-rich people might accumulate most of these banknotes – especially in the current crisis where the rich get ever richer – and consequently money will vanish from the wider society and from our pockets as well. Is this possible?

You may read the rest of the article here

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