Latent Synastric Elements: The Secret Fuel of Love!

                                                 (Wallis Simpson and Duke Edward VIII)

Have you been told that your relationship is doomed due to incompatible elements in it? Well, things are not that simple! Check out this history of the greatest 20th century love story to see how important the latent synastric elements are and how they can change the course of a relationship!

(A “Sasstrology” article by Thomas Gazis)

Author: Thomas Gazis

(IN ENGLISH: further below) Με λένε Θωμά Γαζή. Ανήκω σε μία ρομαντική μειοψηφία Ελλήνων και Ελληνίδων που μάχονται - κόντρα σε ισχυρότατα εμπορικά και άλλα συμφέροντα και μακρυά από κυκλώματα και συντεχνίες - για μια Αστρολογία με Παιδεία. Το ιστολόγιο μου: Ο ιστότοπος μου: To e-mail μου: ===My name is Thomas Gazis. I belong to a romantic minority of Greek Astrologers who are longing for a cultured Astrology in their country! This longing of ours is ever bringing us into a collision course with the over - inflated in Greece commercial astrology. My e-mail:

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