How does a love story (and everything else) unfold according to the zodiac!

                                      (snapshot from the Youtube video “How to flirt”)

(In 2004 the leading magazine “American Astrology” published an article of mine entitled “The Zodiacal Banquet”. In that article I was explaining the function of the Zodiac as a Universal “software”, a software that every entity and process has to “run” in order to come to existence, to keep existing and properly evolve.  As I explained in that article even a simple dinner or a banquet has to piously follow the “steps” of the twelve signs in order to come to existence and “evolve”. And in this article I will show you how a typical love story unfolds according to the zodiac!)  

The zodiac seems to be a sort of “primum mobile”, an archetypal entity valid not only to our terrestrial dimensions but to the whole Universe. We might consider it as a sort of Universal “software” which every process, situation and creature has to faithfully “run” in order to properly unfold and become functional. It comprises 12 fundamental “steps” (the known to us 12 signs). It begins by processing the most primeval and fundamental stages of an entity or situation (the stages of Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.). And gradually, sign by sign, it reaches ever more advanced and complex stages – till the whole process is completeded with the sign of Pisces. And as the zodiac permeates everything in the Universe, it shapes every single situation, even the ones we would never suspect so.

Think of a love story and consider it as a process in evolution, something that is born, matured and finally worn off and dissolved. Every love story has to run the “zodiacal software” in order to become a true love story and not a parody of it. Every affair has to faithfully follow the 12 “steps” (signs) of the zodiac, it has to pass one by one the 12 sign-stages – starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. If it misses just one then it will not unfold properly and will remain in a sort of suspended animation (think of the innumerable wannabe love stories that for various reasons remain suspended out there). Let us specifically see now how a love story unfolds according to the zodiac:

– Stage one: The ARIES beginning – “A flock of sheep and a ram”

Let’s stage our love story on a central boulevard. People are coming up and down and among them a man and a woman (in the heterosexual version of the story) who do not know each other but actually bear what we call “chemistry”. They are walking opposite directions and suddenly they meet, they glance into each other’s eyes and… kaboom, they are electrocuted!
Let’s freeze this scene. At that very moment nobody else exists for these two individuals, they become an «islet» among the river of people flowing around them. Out of the many men / women walking up and down on the wide boulevard’s pavement they dramatically focus on each other – hermetically differentiating themselves from the rest of the casual passerby’s. And regardless of the state of mind they were just a second ago, all of the sudden they are thrust onto a rare state of utter excitement! A sudden, intense differentiation occurs here, a dynamic burst of energy, a potential birth of a process (of a love story), the “beginning” of a possible something. All these are typically Aries traits.
Aries is a masculine sign. Masculine energies are explicitly stated, thus when men and women get hooked in “electrocuting boulevard flings” of this kind the casual passerby’s usually witness the “energy” between the two…

– Stage two: The TAURUS stabilization phase – “Let me take a better look of you”

So, the two boulevard passerby’s feel an instant attraction for each other. But their meeting is casual and as such is not good enough for a love story to unfold. The two will probably be lost forever in the crowd after having intensely glanced each other – as they passed by. Some kind of “niche” must be provided for them, some kind of a lucky circumstance (i.e. her books falling down and him picking them up, like in the movies) or a “repetitive pattern” (that they daily meet, so finally one day they talk). A certain additional precondition is needed that will allow them to stay close for a while, experience their “chemistry” and reassure themselves that they definitely like each other, before they make a move.
Let’s suppose i.e. that the two – after been “thunderstruck” – are both directed to the same nearby café. The meeting in a café is far more promising to wannabe lovers than them simply coming across in the street. In the café the two should sit to almost adjacent tables, so that each one “explores” for a certain amount of time the other person (his/her features, his/her “aura”, the way s/he moves and acts, possibly his/her voice when ordering etc.) and concludes whether s/he really like him/her or not. This is a particular stage, corresponding to the cautious sign of Taurus: a person having to realize that s/he really and irrevocably “likes” something or somebody – and is not just momentarily thrilled by it – that this other person (or material) indeed suits him/her.
At this stage the two do not need to talk. You see, the Taurus stage is a feminine one, so the individuals might very well pretend here that they did not come to the café for each other’s sake (although they did in reality). To feminine “yin” stages things can remain hidden and are not expected to be explicitly stated.

– Stage three: The GEMINI communication phase – “Hello there! Are you coming often here?”

The two are silently sitting in nearby tables in the boulevard café “exploring” each other, so that they cast away any doubt they are excited about the wrong person. If they ever gain the certainty that they really like the other person then immediately a longing to talk to him/her overwhelms them. Thus, even with a trivial pretense, they address him/her and hopefully engage to a conversation (starting from ground zero, as they practically know nothing about each other). At this stage they crave to get as much information as they can for the other person, so that they fill the puzzle and comprehend what kind of person this attracting “stranger” is. Continuous questions and answers are usually taking place here, related to their “whereabouts”, to their lifestyle, preferences, habits etc. It also becomes obvious here how “sharp” each person is, how clever and witty (through the various innuendos and the “elaborated” lines they exchange, the verbal «teasing» between them etc.).
After having exchanged enough info, the two form in their minds a first raw idea about the other person and realize in general terms how much common ground they share with him/her – regarding their points of views, ideas, daily life routine etc. All these are Gemininian traits (communicating with somebody, exchanging info, getting to know a person on a rudimentary level). Gemini is a masculine sign, so things can be openly stated here.

– Stage four: The CANCER journey of intimacy – “What a warm eyes s/he has!”

As the two keep on their conversation they ever more realize that they share common points of view and bear an affinity. Thus, their initial fear of them being thrilled with the wrong person is cast away. At this stage someone usually invites the other to his/her table: “why don’t you join me”? This move actually marks the very first step of the journey of intimacy between the two individuals (Cancer is a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs do start pivotal phases). And as the one comes over and sits to the table of the other the individuals get closer not only by space but emotionally too, their inner worlds come close and have to be urgently dealt, either merge or collide.
In fact, distances are deceiving and a likeable stranger several meters away from us might not be equally likeable when s/he comes to our table – as we might like his/her Ascendant but not likewise his/her other astrology elements. Thus, as the two protagonists of our story get close they experience better their “vibrations” and look more clearly into each other’s eyes. The eyes are the doors of the soul, so by looking to the eyes of a person standing in front of you you actually “slip” into his/her soul, you travel through and meet his/her inner world, you start merging (or colliding) emotionally with him/her.

This stage, where the inner worlds, the souls of the two ex strangers have to dialogue and eventually connect, is a distinctively Cancerian one. If the individuals feel at this closer distance that the other person’s eyes and general “aura” are sweet, attractive and “mergeable” with his/her own then something new is born in them and a sudden surge of warmth takes over their souls. They both start – in a torrential manner – to exchange feelings and soul energies – through their eyes, their facial expressions, through the tenderness of their voice and general posture – longing to commune with the other person’s inner world and experience feelings at its greatest. And since Cancer is a feminine sign, this procedure is largely invisible to third parties.

(Please note that this is just an excerpt of the whole article)

Thomas D. Gazis
Copyright: Thomas D. Gazis.


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