Explaining astrologically the unrest and the riots in Greece

                                                         (Photo: Reuter press)

Why are we experiencing lately such a turmoil in Greece (P.S. I wrote this article on December 12, 2008)? Are there any astrological indications that could shed some light on this unusual situation?First of all, we have to consider Greece’s natal chart. Modern Greece was actually “born” on the 13th of January 1822 (NS) (you can read my relative article “Modern Greece’s national horoscope” here).Thus, modern Greece is under Capricorn’s influence. Furthermore, in Greece’s natal chart the first degrees of the cardinal signs are over-emphasized: the country’s Moon is – most probably – located in the very first degree of Libra, while its Uranus and Neptune are forming a conjunction in the first degrees of Capricorn.

Pluto is the name of the game in Greece’s case (with Uranus becoming an ever more major player too). Pluto represents the “dark”, “hidden”, financial, corporate and even “mafia” kind of forces. This mysterious planet (god of the underworld and ruler of the sign of Scorpio) entered definitely in Capricorn just a couple of weeks ago (after its retrogression in Sagittarius). And as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn it triggered – contemporaneously – several explosive planetary configurations in Greece’s national horoscope:

1) Being a Capricornian country, Greece is all along affected by Pluto’s entrance in Capricorn (by the “same sign” reason – although Pluto is not conjuncting yet by orb Greece’s natal Sun).

2) Pluto is actually conjuncting Greece’s natal planets Uranus and Neptune, in the very first degrees of Capricorn. This is a very “volatile mixture” as planet Pluto is related to absolute power and often to totalitarianism while planet Uranus is related to major social upheaval and revolution.

3) Pluto is now squaring Greece’s natal Moon in the very first degrees of Libra. A “tough” aspect between transiting Pluto and one of the “Luminaries” (the Moon in this case) is considered a major aspect capable of producing extreme events! In “Mundane Astrology” the Moon expresses the people, the masses (and Pluto extreme or even “dark”, behind the scenes forces). So, the people in Greece will suffer out of some kind of oppression, of a probable titanic financial crisis and unfair measures that will be imposed upon them.

4) Pluto is squaring Greece’s natal Pluto (releasing once again extreme energies, destructive – regenerating ones).

These four harsh aspects are the main astrological “culprits” of the actual unrest in Greece. And there is still to come, as Saturn and Uranus will reach critical points in Greece’s natal chart in the next couple of years. Never in its modern history Greece has had such a massive extreme, “off balance” planetary influences!

Personally, I was aware of this unique array of planetary transits in Greece’s horoscope years ago. I had published my concern in Greek magazines and on the internet and I was speculating on the form of the (extreme) events that would occur in this country around 2008-2013. I knew that “destiny” would somehow knock Greece’s door on this specific period. Because – without doubt – the recent turmoil is just a small prelude. Greece is going now through a huge radical METAMORPHOSIS (and how appropriate this greek word is)! The thing is that metamorphoses of countries never occur in placid and pacific ways. Thus, my prediction is that Greece will go through extreme events in the upcoming years and either it will radically regenerate or somehow perish…!

Thomas Gazis

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