An astrological analysis of Robin Williams’ death

Popular actor Robin Williams was found dead on August 11th, 2014. This came as a surprise to many because Robin Williams – as far as we know – was not suffering  from any fatal illness… And the surprise got even bigger when we read that the “Jumanji” man commited suicide! Well, he was fighting a long battle against depresion and substances addiction but apparently he was doing well with rehab. In any case, there are out there millions of people living under similar conditions – or much much worse under a financial point of view – and most of them DO NOT commit suicide! What went wrong then with Robin Williams? His natal chart (and the transits/progresions in it) might offer us some clues.

To begin with, Robin Williams has a very “watery” chart. Apart from being a Cancer and having a Scorpio Ascendant he has a PISCES Moon too in the FOURTH House! This watery over-emphasis endowed him with an “audience charisma” (he had a very special way of “touching” emotionally the audience)! On the other hand, with so much water in his chart he was way too sensitive! And this sensitivity of his has been exacerbated recently by transiting Neptune touching his over-sensitive Pisces Moon in the Fourth House!

Meanwhile, his progressed Moon was currently moving in his Eighth House and was about to form a square aspect to his natal Saturn! His progressed Sun too was still forming a conjunction to his natal Saturn! So we are getting here a particular configuartion that denotes very well his pre-mortem state of mind: both his progressed Luminaries are forming a major aspect with Saturn – that we might call a “double-whammy” configuration! Add to this transiting Saturn on his Ascendant/ in his First House and you see “restriction” coming out big time in Robin’s life! And a sense of “heaviness” as well, of aging rapidly and not getting much satisfaction out of life…

Apparently, Robin was an ultra sensitive person going now through an ultra Saturnian period (and as Saturn in Psychological astrology is considered a major depresion agent we get a better picture now of what Robin Williams was experiencing in these last days of his life)! He was a “Puer” that all of the sudden had to become a “Senex”… But as he was an eternal “Peter-Pan” symbol a “Senex” could never become! You see he endeared himself to the audiences for being the “Anti-Senex” symbol par excellence! And with so much “water: in his chart that kind of “endearment” he could not afford to lose…

Thomas Gazis

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