Global credit crisis and Fear! (the Pluto in Capricorn amazing synchronicity)

An astonishing synchronicity is taking place under our own eyes. A subtle celestial phenomenon – which the vast majority of scientists is disregarding and which supposedly has nothing to do with the proceedings here on Earth – is actually affecting dramatically our societies and lives, our world economy, the politics, our mass psychology etc.! Against every scientific odd, this phenomenon is affecting our lives precisely in the way the Astrologers had predicted decades ago!

The subtle phenomenon is – of course – the entering of the deeply transformative planet Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn (the zodiacal sign related to governments, institutions, society in general, busssiness, frugality etc.) Pluto entered for the first time in Capricorn on the 26th of January 2008. Consequently it returned (due to its retrogradation) to Sagittarius and finally entered for good in Capricorn on 27 November 2008. Are these dates ringing a bell to you? Approximately on these dates the huge financial crisis erupted world – wide. The shape of many things around us changed drastically – our economy, our houses, families, wallets, every day lives, even our moods. Debt became the word of order and unemployment, poverty and desperation escalated in the western world.

There is a video that explains well the – actually complicated – credit crisis. You might get a headache at the end, but you will definitely get some idea of what happened.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis Vimeo

If you saw the video, I would like to point out that there is too much astrological Pluto involved in it – in this “inter-weaving of interests”, crazy profit hunting and “financial bubbles construction” that ultimately led to the global crisis. All these are very Plutonian concepts.

But isn’t strange that our current world crisis ultimately amounts to a financial and CREDIT CRISIS? Because that’s what Pluto in Capricorn is all about: Pluto = common money, credit. Capricorn = shrinking of things, shortage, crisis. Combined together = shortage of common money, shrinking of credit, crisis of credit. What kind of “coincidence” is this? And is it a coincidence or a majestic quantum synchronicity, an utter proof that Astrology really works? Because the current “once in a century” global financial credit crisis – being heralded as I told you decades ago by many Astrologers – erupted at the very time period that Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn!

I recently read an article by David P Kuhlman (you can see it here) which I think is excellent. I would like to share part of it with you. As the author talks about the shrinking of economy, about power and the spread of panic and fear in our societies (some other typical Pluto in Capricorn effects) it is as if he were talking about the astrological effects of Pluto in Capricorn:

“In the world in which we live, money and the power of the almighty dollar have always been at the forefront. It seems the more money a person makes the more socially attractive a person becomes. This has led people from all walks of life in search of the quickest and simplest ways to make their fortune. In 2009 the United States suffered one of the most crippling economic crises since Black Monday in 1929…

The things we think of in the sense of buying are usually material and tangible goods. We saw a major decline in this area of spending. Most every market that sold these items were shaken hard, and if they did not collapse they had to seriously rework their agendas to bypass the near inevitable crash. One thing selling however was unaffected by the turmoil of economics, a product that has been selling for years to people all over the world. In times of hardship this product gains in momentum in sales rather than falls, and the seller continues to rake in money at other peoples expense. The item for sell is fear itself.”
(David P. Kuhlman)

Astrologically speaking, FEAR is another by-product of Pluto in Capricorn. Remember that planet Pluto is the planet of death, of crises and extreme psychological dispositions. The planet of money and finances too. Pluto is related to the masses, to the Junghian concept of “collective unconscious”. And in no other zodiacal sign the God of the underworld produces more fear than in Scorpio and in Capricorn. When Pluto was in Scorpio (1983 – 1995) it unleashed the spectre of AIDS, of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster etc. And now in Capricorn, Pluto is unleashing the spectre of debt, unemployment and famine, the spectre of devilish funds, bankers and corporations secretly plotting side by side with our governments! Under the spell of Pluto in Capricorn our societies are turning “darker” and in a certain sense “hineous”!

Thomas Gazis

(P.S. You may read my article on “Pluto in Capricorn”  here ).

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